Lifetime Candle - Monarch Butterfly XL Cylinder

Item # L059
Lifetime Candle - Monarch Butterfly XL Cylinder


The Lifetime Candle Butterfly Collection is one of our customer-favorites.  Gorgeous feathered butterflies arrive perched on their own branch. Other elements of this unique design include delicate twigs and ferns. 


How long will they last & burn? 

The candles will continue to look beautiful year after year. The highest quality of elements is processed and preserved inside the candle prior to adding the oil. The fiberglass wick will not need to be replaced. The fiberglass wick will absorb and burn the oil (paraffin) without the wick burning.

Are those real things? 

Each candle varies in design. Naturals are the main focus, although some man-made elements are used in the designs.

What happens if it falls over when lit? 

The candle’s oil fluid extinguishes the flame. Candle oil (paraffin) is not flammable.


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