Peace Lily 10"

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Peace Lily 10\"


Spathiphyllum plant, also known as a Peace Lily, is a gorgeous, dark, leafy plant with delicate white blossoms. This plant is easy to care for and makes a simply elegant gift invoking a sense of calm for the recipient. Known for its indoor beauty and ability to clear the air of contaminants, this brilliant green plant with dazzling white blossoms makes a perfect gift for almost any occasion.

Add stems of Birds of Paradise at checkout for an extra pop of color. 

Due to Restrictions from COVID-19, the availability of plants from our local plant farmers has been impacted. Our plants, although pretty, are running on the shorter side.



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Peace Lily 10\"
Add 3 Birds of Paradise
Peace Lily 10\"
Add 3 Daisies
Peace Lily 10\"
Add 3 Roses
Peace Lily 10\"
Add a Mylar Balloon
Peace Lily 10\"
Add 3 Mylar Balloons
Peace Lily 10\"
Add a Balloon Bouquet
Peace Lily 10\"
Add a Box of Chocolates
Peace Lily 10\"
Add Assorted Truffles
Peace Lily 10\"
Add a Plush Animal
Peace Lily 10\"
Feather Butterflies
Peace Lily 10\"
Red Cardinal

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